Relocation Services

Relocation Services

Clearview Relocation’s financial agility enables us to be cost conscious yet maintain the excellent service standards that our client’s have come to expect. Being an independent, international relocation company means that we can give our clients the utmost choice and flexibility as to where, when and how they relocate.

Relocation Move Management

Clearview Relocations in-house removal management company, was set up, because that is what our clients asked for. We listened, we evolved and now we are proud to have a specialist company called Aqua Moving Services, within our offices.

Now in its 8th year, Aqua Moving Services, has become a globally recognised brand.

The philosophy of one dedicated expert point of contact continues throughout the ‘Removal Management’ process. , Our partners have to comply with our high standards of performance and the strict terms of our Service Level Agreement, ensuring the best in class service at the right price.

International Relocation Services

Whilst moving people into the UK is our core business many of our clients also have to move their staff into or between other countries and we have been asked on many occasions to replicate what we do in the UK in other parts of the world.

Over the last 16 years we have been privileged to work with many International organisations, from a huge variety of business sectors that have required a full range of relocation services into both mainstream and remote locations.

Our reputation and the interests of our clients are paramount, as such we make sure that we are working with like-minded, best in class partners who have a proven record for personal, professional and high quality service levels. We now have a fantastic network of global partners, all of whom work under service level agreements and have been validated, monitored and maintained for many years.

For those clients that do require International services we now have an experienced, centralised international team with an extensive resource site for pre-assignment information and planning.

Your single coordinating point of contact will be able to help and advise on all aspects of international relocation providing local expertise on a global basis.

Global Expense Management Services

When it comes to ‘Relocation Expense Management’ our flexible approach means that we can take on as much or as little as HR requires. This service includes global expense management, cost tracking and tax reporting support and in practice acts as an extension to your Human Resources, Payroll and Accounts Payable Departments.

We can provide assistance with overseeing expense approval / reimbursement and cost tracking, tax coding, withholding tax and gross-up calculations, interfacing with payroll, accounts payable reporting, management cost analysis and reporting. Making timely payments and keeping continuous track of expenses is the vital underpinning to every successful relocation.

Additional Relocation Services


If you require Immigration Assistance we work closely with a panel of International specialists who will prepare all appropriate documentation and manage the legal process for entry into the required country and liaise with the appropriate immigration offices on your behalf.

Relocation Policy

Having an efficient and clear relocation policy is essential. We can assist with updating existing policies, benchmarking within the market place or creating a new one to accommodate all scenarios faced within international relocation.

Cost of Living Analysis

When an assignee moves to a different location the cost-of-living can be a huge concern. Clearview Relocation can provide a ‘Cost-of-Living Analysis’ full of information with the cost-of-living variables enabling suitable relocation packages and allowances to be put together.

Office Search

We work closely with a number of specialist commercial agents that are able to source offices throughout the UK whether on a short or long term basis.

Cross cultural & Language training

Language and cultural differences can be one of the main causes of difficulty for staff moving between countries. By providing advice and training before the move and assistance for as long as needed after the move assignees can adjust faster and better in their new home and work environment.