Relocation Technology

Relocation Technology

Relocation and technology working hand in hand. At Clearview Relocation we are dedicated to moving with the times making the best use of technology in Corporate Relocation, to help your assignee's relocation to run as smoothly as possible. Our UK online ‘Area Orientation Guide’ allows your assignee's and their families to familiarise themselves with the new area whilst the ‘Clearview App’ guides them through their Home Search and keeps them up to date with notifications on their relocation.

Clearview App Relocation on the Move

Clearview App

Providing information at your assignees fingertips, our new ‘Clearview Relocation App’ helps streamline the moving process and can keep the whole family up to date every step of the way.

At the outset of the relocation we will email your assignee with a unique reference code, once they have downloaded the App from either Google Play or the App store and entered their code they are ready to go, they can share the App with their whole family, each being able to personalise their greeting.

The assignee and their family will be able to see their viewing itinerary, access web links and floor plans of property details and attach notes of their own.

Their Clearview case manager will keep them up to date with regular notifications on their relocation and alongside this they will be able to browse a variety of information packs, key documents for their relocation, posts, maps and even the weather all with the ‘Clearview App’.

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UK Area Information Guide

Moving home can be stressful whether your assignee is relocating alone or moving their entire family.

Our UK Area Orientation Guide has been designed to provide your assignees and their families with an insight to living in the UK.

The guide complements our ‘Relocation Home Search’ programme which is designed to help your assignee and their family feel at ease with their transition into their new home and area.

It provides your assignee with a wealth of information ranging from the basics to living in the UK, our Education and Healthcare systems and range of guides on locations across the country, these include area descriptions, which offer an overview to the location’s history, housing stock, transport communications and more through to literally thousands of streams of local information detailing such amenities as local schools, doctors, dentists, leisure facilities and your local council.

In order to access the guide please Log in and enter your username and password that has been supplied to you by Clearview Relocation.

If you are new to Clearview Relocation and are interested in using our online resource please contact us by Email or phone us on tel: (0) 1635 239040. We look forward to hearing from you.

Moveware - Successfully Managing Relocation Data


Our Moveware client management software helps us effectively manage the day to day operations that take place behind every assignee’s relocation. Moveware supports over 200 companies with more than 5000 users, helping to successfully relocate thousands of people domestically and internationally every year.

Moveware our web based case management system is accessible anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access, providing a live data feed, diary actions and reminders.

Each client has their own ‘Service Level Agreements’ stored within the system enabling us to constantly monitor ‘Key Performance Indicators’ and through the ‘Bespoke Management Reports’ that we have created on your behalf we can provide all of the ‘Financial Reporting’ that you require instantly by assignee and within any time period.

As a proven relocation management system, Moveware helps Clearview Relocation effectively relocate your assignees on time and within budget whilst meeting the excellent service standards that you expect from us.

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Global Expense Management

Clearview Relocation are dedicated to delivering excellent service standards whilst working with HR to continuously track expenses and budgets, which is vital to underpinning the success of every corporate relocation.

Our services include domestic and ‘Global Expense Management’, supporting you in cost tracking and tax reporting and in essence becoming an extension of your Human Resources, Payroll and Accounts departments.

Our comprehensive ‘Global Expense Management’ service includes overseeing expense approval, reimbursement and cost tracking; Tax coding, withholding tax and gross-up calculations; Interfacing with payroll; Accounts payable reporting through to management cost analysis and reporting.

Clearview Relocation will work with your Human Resources department and take on as little or as much as you require for your ‘Global Expense Management’.

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