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Clearview Consultancy provide a confidential solution to understanding the complex issues involved in preparing for your ‘Relocation or Transformation Project’.

Clearview Consultancy is a development of our unique range of services and key partnerships that enable us to offer our clients a complete ‘Commercial Relocation’ or ‘Transformation Package’.

Clearview Consultancy understand that every business is unique when considering their requirements in terms of commercial space, location and availability of workforce and have tailored our services to provide complete flexibility.

Key Partnerships

We have developed key partnerships with experts in their field, who have many years of experience in delivering strategic information and services for major group moves for some of the UK’s top 100 companies in key areas such as:

  • Commercial Real Estate location, analysis and acquisition
  • Area and workforce profiling for a successful relocation
  • Qualification and cost of relocation
  • IT infrastructure relocation, installation and optimisation for maximum performance
  • Bespoke Tailored Relocation packages from the Clearview Group of Companies

What can Clearview Consultancy deliver?

Our initial consultation will help us to understand the project parameters and drivers in order that we can complete a ‘Strategic Plan’ for your ‘Commercial Relocation' or ‘Transformation Package’.

We need to understand such things as:

  • Too small a facility or too large a facility
  • Business operational drivers
  • Research on existing Lease and Liabilities
  • Option to take up Lease Break Clause or renegotiate with Landlord
  • Reduction of overheads needed
  • Inability to hire quality staff
  • HR issues

​Plus, much more….

We will then consider all of the relevant information to enable to complete a detailed and comprehensive consultative report to Board including: -

  • ​Location analysis in both UK and Internationally, if required, covering commercial Real Estate and HR issues
  • Potential cost of the commercial move or consolidation
  • Retention of key workforce
  • Relocation policy for workforce
  • Qualification of relocation of workforce
  • Cost of relocation of required workforce

And much more….

Call, Email or visit our website Clearview Consultancy today to discuss the complete solution to your ‘Commercial Relocation’ or ‘Transformation Package’.