Home Search Services

Home Search Services

We offer a ‘Flexible Approach’ and ‘Bespoke Relocation Services’ that complement our clients’ budgets policy and company culture. With more than 20 years of experience in corporate relocation, we know how to manage your employee’s expectations and foresee any pitfalls to ensure each relocation runs smoothly.

Short Term Accommodation

Is hotel accommodation the most obvious solution to short term accommodation?

Not only is staying in a hotel for a prolonged period of time expensive it is often not the best option in terms of a ‘home-from-home’ experience especially if there is a family involved.

Our dedicated team works with assignees and HR departments to find the best-fit temporary accommodation options through an extensive network of providers enabling us to source and secure the highest standard of short-term accommodation at a price that meets your budgets.

We can also offer a 24-7 ‘meet and greet’ service ensuring that an assignee will be met and taken straight to the property. All of our accommodation options have cleaning services available as often as required, leaving assignees to focus on their work and not the day-to-day running of their short-term accommodation.

Home Search Relocation Services

Whether on an ‘Accompanied’ or ‘Unaccompanied’ basis your assignee will have one centralised, highly experienced relocation specialist as their point of contact for all their relocation needs.

Our ‘Relocation Home Search’ programme is designed to help your assignee and their family find a new home and feel at ease with their transition into the new area, an approach that can be tailored to match each individual’s unique situation.

We provide each assignee with their own personalised ‘Area Information Pack’ and can also provide access to a web based ‘UK Area Guide’ along with an ‘Area Orientation Tour’ to help familiarise the assignee and their family with the destination area.

Once your assignee has decided on the area’s they would like to consider, we will undertake a ‘Home Search’ to find the most suitable property that meets their designated requirements.

Over 20 years in the business has taught us the art of negotiation, armed with the relevant market data we are in a position to agree a competitive rent along with favourable and flexible terms that protect both your deposit and position throughout the tenanacy.

Call or Email us today to build your ‘Bespoke Home Search Relocation Service’.

Settling In and Assignment Services

With the excitement of moving in, it is easy to forget the importance of checking the finer details.

Clearview will provide representation at the check in to ensure that the inventory is a true reflection of the contents and condition of the property to avoid any potential issues at the end of the tenancy.

We will ensure that the family is aware of how all the property installations work and arrange for the transfer of all utility accounts.

If required we can provide an on-going Tenancy Management Programme where we can deal with the inevitable issues that come with renting a property along with negotiating the renewal of the tenancy if and when required.

The end of the assignment is far from straight forward. We have designed a range of pre-departure and departure services to support the assignee and arrange for the return of any deposits that may have been paid.

Education School Search

The UK Education System is complex; public schools are private, some counties have grammar schools and some don’t, then we have catchment areas to consider. Our dedicated and specialist education consultants will guide your employees through this minefield.

If your assignee is moving with children their schooling will be the most critical element of their relocation. Our school selection programs can incorporate:

  • Guidance for parents on the UK school system and local policy/management structures
  • Source prospectuses and independent reports
  • Co-ordinate school appointments
  • Accompany on viewings (if required)
  • Advise on the state, private and international sectors
  • Guide through the application and registration process
  • Advise on extra-curricular and special needs